Omer Abib

Journalist, writer & translator
Sofia Hegevall.

Omer Abib is a journalist, writer, and translator from Eritrea. He has published two books and numerous articles in daily newspapers and magazines in Eritrea.

Together with two other translators, Abib translated two of Alemseged Tesfai's books on Eritrea’s history, charting the country’s past between 1941-1950 and 1951-1955, respectively.

In his journalistic career, Omer Abib has contributed to various publications, including the first Tigre-language newspaper Gheled, where he wrote articles focusing on cultural issues. Omer has also worked with radio theatre and written about 15 radio dramas in Tigre.

Abib has also worked as radio presenter for stations such as Dimtsi Hafash and Radio Bana, hosting Tigre-language programmes discussing culture. Together with Dessale Berekhet, Omer wrote and published a book Meqberet Kibt Wezen (The Grave on the Hill), a collection of short stories based on true stories.

Some of Abib’s other work includes being part of a team dedicated to developing a Tigre-language dictionary.

In the context of brutal crackdowns on the press, including a ban on all independent media, Omer Abib was targeted and detained by the Eritrean authorities. As a result, he fled Eritrea for Sudan in 2013.

In August 2023, Omer Abib arrived in Östersund, Sweden, where he took up an ICORN residency for the period 2023- 2025. Abib continues working as journalist, writer, and translator.