Hêlan Çiya

Writer, journalist, activist
Iraqi Kurdistan
Hêlan Çiya.

Hêlan Çiya is an Iraqi-Kurdish writer, independent journalist, and a women’s rights activist. She has published her work in both print and online newspapers and magazines, being one of the few independent journalists in the region.

Much of Çiya’s work addresses issues of women’s rights in the Kurdish region of Iraq, highlighting human rights violations against women, including domestic violence, honour killings, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation. In addition to this, Hêlan has also reported on the political situation in Iraqi Kurdistan and her commentary has led to wider debates in the media and beyond.

As a result of her professional activities as a female journalist, Çiya faced harassment, intimidation, and threats from various groups and individuals in the community and the region.

In December 2023, Hêlan Çiya arrived in Malmö, Sweden and took up an ICORN residency for the period 2023-2025. She is the city’s 10th ICORN resident contributing to Malmö’s cultural and intellectual landscape.