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Music artist Mun Mun is in ICORN residency in Stockholm

June 21, 2024
Leonard Stenberg.

At the end of March 2024, Stockholm ICORN City of Refuge welcomed music artist Mun Mun from Myanmar.

Mun Mun is a music artist from Myanmar whose music career began in 2003. She has been involved in a variety of music and artistic projects as a singer, backing singer, and voiceover artist. Mun Mun is also a music teacher and voice coach.

In 2006, Mun Mun worked as voiceover artist for an animation movie part of a programme led by UNICEF. Two years later, in 2008, Mun Mun formed her first harmony group ‘Crystal Harmony’ while also singing in various choirs. She released her first single ‘Chit Mi Tae Akar’ in 2015 and a year later she became the lead singer of the band ‘Mango Motown’ which performed at numerous events, including the 2018 EU Schuman Awards for Human Rights.

In 2016, Mun Mun began performing on TV shows including ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘The Voice Myanmar’ and in 2020, she collaborated with rapper Bro G on his song ‘Black and White’. Mun Mun was a backing singer on the soundtracks for the Burmese films ‘Now & Ever’ (2020) and ‘Padauk ka tae Gita’ (2021).

Throughout her career, and especially after the military junta took power in Myanmar in 2021, Mun Mun has used her music to advocate for democracy and carry out peaceful protests, often in collaboration with other artists.

In addition to her music, Mun Mun has cooperated with international and local organisations providing medical supplies, food and other basic services to pro-democracy activists and refugees. In June 2021, together with colleagues, Mun Mun formed a news website and is the editor of an online news source in Burmese aimed to providing accurate news coverage of events in Myanmar.

As a result of her work and activism, Mun Mun faced pressure and threats, forcing her to relocate several times within Myanmar, Armenia, and Thailand. In 2024, Mun Mun and her family arrived in Stockholm, Sweden, where she took up a two-year ICORN residency. She continues her music and pro-democracy activist work from exile.

Stockholm ICORN City of Refuge

Stockholm joined ICORN upon the founding of the organisation in 2006. Since 2012, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern has been responsible for the programme which has now hosted 11 writers, artists, and journalists in ICORN residency in Stockholm.

As well as Mun Mun, Stockholm City of Refuge is currently hosting poet and writer Raafat Hekmat from Syria.

You can read Stockholm’s press release on Mun Mun’s ICORN residency here.