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ICORN cartoonists in Freedom of Expression exhibition

April 2014

Extremism (2013) by ICORN guest writer Fadi Abou Hassan, Drøbak city of refuge

ICORN cartoonists and guest writers, Arifur Rahman, Fadi Abou Hassan and Abdul Muhiaddin exhibit cartoons that caused them persecution in their home countries at the Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery in Drøbak. The occasion is the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution and a celebration of freedom of expression.

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Omid Shams Gakieh is new ICORN Guest Writer in Aarhus

March 2014


Omid Shams Gakieh, new ICORN guest writer in Aarhus city of refuge

On Wednesday 19. March Aarhus City of Rfuge officially welcomed their second ICORN guest writer, Iranian journalist, author and literary critic, Omid Shams Gakieh.

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ICORN General Assembly 21-24 May in Ljubljana City of Refuge

March 2014


ICORN guest writers, city delegates, partners and observers from around the globe are convening in Ljubljana City of Refuge 21-24 May for the ICORN General Assembly. At present passing 40 member cities and regions, further growth and expansion - geographically and in scope - are among the subjects up for discussion during ICORN’s third Generally Assembly as an independent, international membership organisation. It is a unique chance to meet colleagues from across borders and sectors, and to remember the reasons why we are here: to give the writers a new opportunity in a safe space, to execute their basic human right to freedom of expression.

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