Who Can Apply?

Any writer who, in their country of permanent residence, is threatened or persecuted for expressing their opinions or ideas through professional or artistic works is invited to apply to ICORN's guest
writer program.

Each ICORN city has its own criteria for choosing a writer, but none of the cities of refuge accept candidates who advocate violence in any form.


The Application Process: Applicant, Candidate, Guest Writer

1. The application form is available as a PDF form below, and can also be sent directly to the applicant or his or her contact person as a Word document.

If the applicant is unable to fill out the form, a contact person may submit the application on his or her behalf. If the applicant must not be contacted directly by the Administration Centre, this must be stated clearly on the application form.

All information on the form will be treated confidentially.

Once the application has been evaluated, the applicant will be contacted and informed of his or her status. If the applicant is turned down, he or she may apply again if their situation changes.

2. When an application is approved, the writer becomes an ICORN Candidate. This means that when a city of refuge has a vacant residency, the writer's profile will be made available to the city's coordinators. Each city decides which writer they will invite. The Administration Centre does not determine their choices and therefore cannot guarantee a placement for any candidate.

A candidate should notify the Administration Centre of any changes in his or her situation.

3. The conditions and requirements for ICORN residencies vary from city to city. But all writers invited to a city of refuge are considered ICORN Guest Writers and are entitled to take part in ICORN activities.

It is acceptable for a candidate to decline an invitation. This will not affect his or her candidacy in any way: it will not affect (positively or negatively) the way the candidate is presented to cities, it does not guarantee that another city will invite the candidate.

Please note:
ICORN is not a refugee organization. We rarely have the resources to immediately remove a writer from a threatening situation. ICORN has no authority or influence with government organizations and must abide by the laws and regulations of each country.

ICORN cannot guarantee a placement for any candidate. Therefore, it is extremely important that all applicants and candidates pursue every option for safety available to them.

For a copy of the application form in Word, please contact ICORN at icorn(a)icorn.org

The application form is currently only available in English.
Applications may be scanned and submitted to icorn (at) icorn.org or sent by fax to +47 51507025