ICORN Cities

Our List of Member-Cities is Continually Growing. . .

The following cities are either hosting a writer now, or have committed to receiving a writer within the next year:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Barcelona, Spain

Bergen, Norway 

Brussels, Belgium

, Norway

Chiusi and the Region of Toscana, Italy 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dalarne , Sweden

Drøbak, Norway 

Eskilstuna, Sweden

Fanø, Denmark 

Frankfurt, Germany 

Girona, Spain

Gothenburg, Sweden

Hannover, Germany

Harstad, Norway 

Haugesund, Norway

Jönköpings Län , Sweden 

Karlstad, Sweden

Krakow, Poland

Kristiansand, Norway

Lillehammer, Norway

Linköping, Sweden

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Malmö, Sweden 

Mexico City, Mexico 

Molde, Norway 

Norwich, United Kingdom

Nörrköping , Sweden

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oslo, Norway

Paris, France

Reykjavik , Iceland

Sigtuna , Sweden

Skien, Norway

Skellefteå, Sweden 

Skåne, Sweden

Stavanger, Norway 

Stockholm , Sweden 

Tromsø, Norway 

Trondheim, Norway 

Tuscany, Italy

Uppsala, Sweden 

 Växjö, Sweden

Århus , Denmark