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We are glad and honored to be able to officially release a short film presenting and promoting ICORN, the International Cities of Refuge Network. Directed by French filmmaker Marion Stalens and produced by Bellota Films, the 7 minute film clip explains how ICORN came about, profiles some of the ICORN guest writers, and lets the ICORN staff give words to the major challenges facing the organisation in the future.

ICORN is a dynamic, flexible and participatory organisation, connecting its member cities and their guest writers in a global network of solidarity, creativity and mutual interaction. ICORN director Helge Lunde quotes the ICORN Charter and continues: We are very happy for the opportunity this film offers to explain to a larger public how important it is to fight for freedom of expression, and to mobilize more cities to shelter persecuted writers.

Director Marion Stalens has made the film in connection with the production of her major new documentary titled "Silence or Exile," which is produced by Bellota Films with support from among others Fritt Ord and the multiannual EU Culture project "Shaharazad - stories for life."

Please view the informational film about ICORN here. ICORN encourages you to share and distribute the film as widely as possible.

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