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stockholm.jpgMore than 100 delegates, guest writers and observers from as many as 32 different countries are heading to Stockholm Wednesday 9-Friday 11 May, to take part in the 2012 ICORN General Assembly. Established as an independent, international organisation since 2010, more than 30 ICORN member cities from all over Europe and beyond will be represented when it all breaks loose at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.


In addition to the ordinary assembly procedures, the assembly participants will engage in vital issues to help determine the future of the young and growing ICORN network. Should ICORN member cities continue hosting writers only, or should our organisation consider offering shelter also to persecuted artists and human rights defenders? During a Market of Ideas all participants are also invited also to discuss and share experiences under various topics including “The art of hosting”, “Promotion”, “Working with PEN International” and “Preparing for the Afterlife”.

We are delighted that as many as 25 ICORN guest writers are coming to the Stockholm assembly. They will be performing and taking part all throughout the assembly proceedings, as well as organising separate workshops tackling vital issues from the guest writers’ perspective. ICORN writers are furthermore among those portrayed in what is expected to be one of the assembly highlights: the world premiere of Marion Stalens’ documentary film “Silence or Exile”.


The ICORN General Assembly will be immediately succeeded by another major international event, “Tribunal 12”, which is running from early morning to late night on Saturday 12 May. As a bridge between the assembly and the tribunal, ICORN guest writers from Morocco, Egypt and Iraq will be among the participants in a Friday 11 May open evening event asking the question: “Arab Spring – European Winter?”

Practical Details:

Travelling from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport to the hotel:
Arlanda Airport is located approximately 42 km outside of the city centre. The most efficient way to get into the city is via a fast train, the Arlanda Express, that takes travellers into Stockholm's central station in 20 minutes. The cost is 260 Swedish kroner for a one-way ticket, 490 SEK return. Tickets can be purchased at the airport. On Saturdays and Sundays, two adults can travel together for 280 SEK one way, which may be helpful for those who plan to attend Tribunal 12 events.

The assembly location, Stockholm's kulturhus, the official hotel of the assembly, the Scandic Hotel Sergel Plaza, and the Sergel torg, where the Tribunal 12 events will take place, are all located extremely close to one another in the heart of Stockholm.

Upon arrival at the hotel, please look for the ICORN registration desk to get your GA documents, folder, etc. We would appreciate if those of you attending as a delegate could bring a receipt as proof that the 2012 membership dues have been paid (to avoid any misunderstandings or delays).

map of all locations for ICORN GA Assembly

Kulturhuset in Stockholm
address: Sergels Torg

Scandic Hotel Sergel Plaza
tel. +46 8 517 263 00

Tribunal 12 web site

photo by Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se

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