TRIBUNAL 12 presents the jury.

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linkimage_39921_sv_komp_Skrivbord_300x225.jpgThe jury of Tribunal 12 consists of prominent writers, academics and intellectuals who all share a strong commitment to human rights. On May 12 in Stockholm, a sharp accusation is directed towards Europe focusing on violations of human rights and a systematic mistreatment of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.The jury members includes Saskia Sassen, Nuruddin Farah, Nawal El Saadawi, Henning Mankell, B.S. Chimni, Parvin Ardalan and Sadik J. Al-Azm.

People who flee to Europe are often met with disbelief and suspicion. Many are directly deported at the borders, despite risking their lives. Others are held up in prison-like detention centres lacking basic human rights. Once inside Europe, people are subjected to lengthy and complex asylum processes, often without legal advice. The vast majority of asylum applications are rejected, forcing people to return to extreme dangers. In order to survive, many choose to live hidden without any legal rights.

At Tribunal 12, Europe will be held accountable for these failures.

Inspired by the International War Crimes Tribunal that was formed by Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre in 1967, Tribunal 12 sets out to locate the moral, legal and political responsibilities as well as call for a change within the system.

Tribunal 12 takes place on the 12th May at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. In four sessions the following topics will be addressed: Border Control, Asylum Process, Undocumented Migrants and Detention & Deportation. A final session is gathering the members of the jury to an open discussion.

Tribunal 12 is partly artistically formed but is entirely founded on authentic witness statements and stories from refugees and migrants as well as statistics and reports from various NGO:s. A number of leading experts and researchers within medicine, law and theory will give presentations within the sessions.

The jury consists of individuals who are able to contribute with different perspectives and shed light on the issues brought forward through the sessions.

Tribunal 12 is organised by Shahrazad – Stories for Life in close collaboration with Kulturhuset in Stockholm, the Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MR-dagarna) and ICORN – International Cities Of Refuge Network.

Please visit the Tribunal 12 website for more info on the event, programme and jury members. 

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