ICORN Guest Writer Andrei Nekrasov releases major film documentary 'Farewell, Comrades!'

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farewellcomrades.jpgThe Russian filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov, ICORN's Guest Writer in Haugesund, has released a six-part documentary series on the final decade and a half of Communist rule in Europe. The programme airs on Monday nights at 22.30 on the Norwegian national television station, NRK 2. The series, produced by Artline Films and gebrueder beetz, has been a massive undertaking, one that Nekrasov has been able to finalise while residing in his ICORN safe haven of Haugesund.

'Farewell, Comrades!' takes viewers through the final 16 years of Communism's iron grip on Eastern Europe. The documentary is told through personal accounts of people who lived through extraordinary circumstances under the regime. The interviewees come from a variety of countries, from Poland to Hungary and even Afghanistan. The six 52-minute episodes contain hours of historical footage, some taken with undercover cameras. Through these compelling stories and images, the film explains the gradual dissolution of Communist power and influence on the countries it had controlled.

Nekrasov is an acclaimed film director whose works have been screened at such festivals as Cannes and Sundance. He won much acclaim for "Rebellion: the Litvinenko Case' and his previous film, 'Russian Lessons,' was about the Russian-Georgian conflict of 2008.

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