Anthology release and writers tour in Denmark

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Free_Words_on_the_run_Anthology.jpgFree Words on the Run (Frie Ord på Flugt) is an anthology containing writings by ICORN guest writers Tendai Tagarira, Seedy Bojang and Noufel Bouzeboudja in collaboration with other Danish writers and journalists among them: Karsten Pharao, Mille Rode (Danish PEN) and Knud Vilby. The writings are in both English and Danish.

This anthology is the result of a long run work done by the writers with the collaboration of the project coordinator Karsten Pharao, a known Danish journalist, and also the cities hosting them: Fanø, Frederiksberg, Århus and Odense.
Free Words on the Run is published by Danish PEN with the support of the Danish National Arts Council. The anthology release was followed by a tour of our writers to several cities in Denmark: Århus, Viborg, Fanø, Odense and Frediriksberg, where they read, performed and debated in libraries, theaters and schools about their experiences, texts and freedom of speech.
Please visit the Danish PEN website for more info on the tour.

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