ICORN writer Mansur Rajih congratulates Tawakul Karman with Nobel Peace Prize

Added: 10 October 2011 to Network News

Karman (SCANPIX)web_1.jpg"Tawakul Karman is a very important symbol for the revolution in Yemen", says Mansur Rajih, "and the Nobel Peace Prize will protect and promote her and her work for human rights and a free and democratic Yemen. She is a woman of the people and for the people", Rajih continues, "who renews and liberates the traditional Yemen society from within."

Mansur Rajih escaped President Saleh's brutal regime after 15 years of imprisonment, and became Stavanger's first ICORN guest writer. Residing in and actively taking part in the Arab Revolutions from his city of refuge, Rajih today salutes and congratulates his fellow Yemen citizen with achieving the Nobel Peace Prize together with Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee.
Here is a link to her web site Women Journalists Without Chains, and here a comment by her in The Guardian.

Photo: Scanpix 

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