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In Veøya, une rencontre de foi avec l'Europe (Veøya, an encounter of faith with Europe) Gilles Dossou-Gouin presents a collection of poems describing the Norwegian island Veøya, its mysticism and religious roots.

Veøya is located in the municipality of Molde in Møre og Romsdal county. The island was Norway's first legally protected land, and the buildings on the island are now part of the Romsdal Museum. It was the religious center of the Romsdal region and the name is a compound of vé which means "sanctuary" and øy which means "island", thus a holy island. 

"The longer you follow the path of exile,and the way of Exile, the more you will eliminate from your language, from your dictionary, the word 'impossible'. With this book: Veøya, an encounter of faith with Europe, (56 pages), we learn about this route which is named:exile: the longer we travel this route, and the longer we travel it the more we look at those whom deny us and smile, and say, 'go ahead, brother, because you're going to travel the same route". The exile is a route we can find in Veøya in Møre og Romsdal with its mystic aspects.If you don't travel it this time you'll travel it the next anyway with faith, with liturgical aspect in the life. Because when you get to one place then there's only one path and that's the path light, the path of wisdom and the path of self: you can find it in Veøya.It is not Catholic, it is not Protestant, it is not Jewish, it is not Mohammedan, it is not Buddhist, it is not anything. It is just the mystic experience from Veøya Island... and we all reach it sometime or other no matter how we fight to keep away from it. But sometime or other we will reach it and it is the all encompassing brotherhood of a writer in exile." Gilles Dossou-Gouin
Gilles Dossou-Gouin has been the Guest Writer of Molde, Norway. He was born in Benin and identifies himself as belonging to the ethnic group Fon. He studied the humanities, theology and philosophy as a Séminariste among the Catholic monks. He also attended the International School of Detectives and Experts.
His first novel, published in 1996 was entitled God's Symbolism and the Imaginary . The book was a critical, socio-political satire and received nation-wide attention. In 1997 the controversy surrounding it forced Gilles Dossou-Gouin to flee to Senegal, where he lived in exile.
His second novel The Black Cry of the Negro was published in June of 2003 with the help of UNESCO. Gilles Dossou-Gouin is an activist and writes articles to promote Human Rights, and the Rights of Women and Children.

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