AUTUMN 06: Welcome to babel

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It is a great pleasure to welcome you the International Cities of Refuge Network website and webzine babel. We hope that the first issue of our webzine will provide you with thought-provoking reading. This issue features a fine selection of literary and academic work: we are pleased to be able to include an essay by the renowned philosopher Ètienne Balibar, as well as poetry by the award-winning writer Chenjerai Hove.

While our site is obviously still undergoing construction, we hope you will view this as evidence of the growth of our network. We believe that the website will be an important part of our activities.

The International Cities of Refuge Network had its first general assembly in June 2006, and membership agreements are in the process of being finalized. By this autumn we will have ICORN Member-cities in Norway, Sweden, England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Mexico!

The ICORN website will only be able to fullfil its potential in regard to the service of literature and freedom of speech if you, as a visitor and reader, utilize the website and provide us with feedback. We invite you into a creative and productive dialogue!


Ren Powell, Editor                   babel
Helge Lunde, ICORN Project Manager

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