Bestselling author Cecilia Samartin visits Shahrazad - stories for life in Stavanger

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The author of bestsellers such as Broken Paradise (Drømmehjerte) and Tarnished Beauty (Senõr Peregrino) visits Stavanger September 3rd to talk about her new book Vigil (Salvadoreña). She meets Stavanger's new bishop Erling Johan Pettersen on stage.


Cecilia Samartin is Cuban-American, and immigration and exile are central themes in her writing. She says:


"After a few social service internships I decided to pursue an advanced degree in psychology in order to work with the Latino community, and most especially with new and first generation immigrants like me. I've been practicing as a psychotherapist and social worker with individuals and families from Mexico, and Central and South America for more than twenty years. It's gratifying work, and the most compelling inspiration I could hope for as a writer."

Mr. Pettersen has lived several years in Brazil, and has worked a lot with Latin American refugees in Norway.


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