Easterine Kire Iralu's novel A Terrible Matriarchy published in Norwegian

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 Iralu's novel A Terrible Matriachy was originally published in 2007, and has now been translated into Norwegian by Kjell Olaf Jensen and been published with the title Nagalands Døtre by Orion in Norway.


A Terrible Matriarchy/Nagalands Døtre is novel about a little girl growing up in Nagaland, India. Lieno, who is five, is sent off to be raised by her grandmother. From the very beginning, she can sense that her grandmother does not like her, and that her brother Bulie is treated better than her. The old woman doesn’t think girls need an education, love or time to play. The story is a tale of a girl growing up in a strict, traditional society, in a conflict-ridden area, but who refuses to be defeated.



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