Shahrazad Begins. . .

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barcelona meetingShahrazad was kicked-off on November 15th with readings by recent and current ICORN Guest Writers. The literary program was in conjunction with Català PEN's marking of the Day of Imprisoned Writers.

On November 16th representatives for the cities administrating the Shahrazad project met in Barcelona to discuss the EU grant and related budget, and an outline for each city's responsibilities was drafted. It was decided that a logo and design for the website will be presented to the cities in early December with an agreed upon design for Shahrazad ready by the new year. The Administration Office in Stavanger will be responsible for the website's maintenance.

2008 will be a busy year for ICORN and Shahrazad. Programs like the 2008 City of Culture's Arts of Hospitality Writer in the Schools program will begin in January.

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